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Minor b_s at exercise place

Okay, so I've been trying to get into shape, and to keep things interesting for myself I alternate between going to fitness classes at my university (kickboxing, step, etc.) and going to Curves, which if you are unaware is a circuit-training type of program designed specifically for women.

On the days I go to Curves, due to my class schedule I usually end up going toward the end of their work day, which means the place is pretty dead; I'm the only one there, or maybe there are one or two other people. Unfortunately for me, this means that the women working there have nothing else better to do with their time than stand around and chat with me while I'm trying to exercise. It makes me a little uncomfortable, since I don't really like making small talk while trying to focus on a workout, but that's not the suck.

The other day I was in there at my usual time; I was about halfway done and the workers were doing closing-prep type things. (The facility is open until 7, but they don't let people in after 6:30 because the workout takes half an hour.) One of them happens to pass by me while I'm on a machine that's supposed to work your biceps. She looks at me oddly, goes back to the desk at the opposite end of the room, signals the other woman to come with her, and the both come back toward me and stand maybe eight feet away from me.

Employee 1, the one who passed me, starts whispering to Employee 2, pointedly looking in my direction, and even pointed directly at me once or twice. With the workout music playing, I can't make out any words, but the whole thing is making me nervous. Finally, when the whispered conversation comes to an end, Employee 1 comes over to me and tells me some minor thing I'm doing wrong on the machine - crossing my ankles, or something.

Now, I'm all for pointing out mistakes, particularly in an exercise setting where doing the wrong thing could lead to injury. But was it really necessary to drag your coworker over and have a very obvious conversation about me when you could have had that conversation privately over at the desk? Also, it's not like you had to point in the first place, since I was the only person there and therefore the only person you could be talking about.

Again, it's not a huge suck, but they definitely made me feel like I was committing some sort of major faux pas.
Tags: gym/fitness, maybe they thought you were deaf
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