Helena (darlaslilgirl) wrote in bad_service,

bad unidentified courier service

Every month i get a parcel on the 16th like clockwork from a supscription service, up until a few months ago everything was fine, then they stopped using royal mail for deliveries.

Last month i thought was a fluke, a one off but after this months delivery im not sure.

August 2010: both me and my sister were in all day and she witnessed the delivery from the front room which overlooks the garden/road/front door, theres no way not to hear the door. a random silver car pulls up, its not labled as any courier service though, the driver then gets out and delivers a parcel to the neighbour across the road, stil everythings fine, but then they come to the door with a pre filled in form saying they couldnt deliver the parcel. but they never tried! by the time i get downstairs from the attic the cars gone and i have to go collect the parcel from a very annoyed looking neighbour.

september 2010: very short story this time; i made sure i was able to be in all day, it was 7pm when i eventually went to the shops. again my sister who is home from uni was in the front room all day with a view of the garden path/road/front door. theres no attempted delivery, no body came to the door except the royal mail postman. i figure the delivery is late but this morning the neighbour from the next road delivers the package saying it came to their house yesterday again in an unlabled car i discovered after asking. Again they had not attempted delivery but this time there wasnt even a card left.

i know they know where i live, the first three packages were successfully delivered to my house. roll on next month. hopefully i find out which company they are with next time.
Tags: delivering bad service

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