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Email Bad Service

Dear Way too many companies,

You know that little link at the bottom of your web page? The one that we have to click to send you an email to ask you questions not covered in your faq, or related to a specific problem we're having?

Would it really be that much trouble to hire a few actual people to answer them?

I understand that you probably get a whole bunch of questions that can be answered with an automated response. But I think it's better for your business to have a human look over the email briefly and forward those to an auto-response program, than to have an answer generated off some keywords in every email.

Why? Because I keep sending detailed emails about various problems, and I'm tired of getting responses that ignore everything I wrote.

And please stop adding a name to the closing, you aren't fooling me.

P.S. B&N, 5>3.

P.P.S. Those companies that do have people answer them, Thank You!

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