Silly Bear (supervenusfreak) wrote in bad_service,
Silly Bear

We recently had a very bad experience with the auto chain PEP BOYS. In PA, you must have your car inspected once a year, so my partner decided to take the car to a local PEP BOYS to get this done. He was made to wait there for almost four hours and was presented with a laundry list of items that needed to be done for the car to pass inspection, totalling over $930.00. While he was waiting there, six feet away, they called here and tried to get me to authorize the repairs. Luckily I told them no, that I could not do that. When he told me what had happened there, we decided to take the car to a more reputable garage that a friend of mine had recommended. We did that today. The total bill was $27.00, plus advice that we may need to get the brakes realigned in about three months. Needless to say, PEP BOYS will never ever get a dime of our money again for anything.
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