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Update: Kinda

A partial update to this post.

The autopsy is done and mum was in pretty good health, so all that's left is the Toxicology Report (diabetes/overdose, etc).

The bad service now is the fact the police STILL haven't been by to pick up the evidence in my possession (some pills, the keys to the med lock box that turned up in mum's purse, something else I can't remember). It's getting to the point I'm about ready to drive over to the sub-station and ask if they even want to bother with it anymore.

At least the medical examiner was polite and courtious. She called directly after the autopsy to keep me involved and let me know what was going on. Still raising the money for the down payment on the cremation, but at least the funeral home isn't hounding me about it (though I'm sure they'd like that freezer freed up).

Thank you for all your support and love, I'm...dealing, and discovering mum owned some ugly ass clothes *grins*
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