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TSC Suck

I keep dairy and meat goats, and as we were out of not only sweet feed, but alfalfa pellets and dog food I had to go to Tractor Supply Company today since our local feed mill is closed on Sundays. I went in, found the dog foods and sweet feed, and noticed, that as usual, the alfalfa pellets were not out on the floor. I was with my boyfriend and he asked a guy stocking if they had any alfalfa in the back. This is what the guy said, verbatim: "Listen man, we got some in on the truck the other day, but I can't even tell you how much shit that's stacked under." We both stare at him blankly and bf says, "So, what you're telling me is you have some in the back?"

Stocker got all huffy and said something about going back to see about it, so we follow him to the back "EMPLOYEES ONLY" doors. He went in and we could hear him bitching to another employee about, you know, having to do his job. The other employee, a teenaged girl came out and said, "Yeah, we have the alfalfa, but it's under everything else, so you guys can come back tomorrow to get it." Again, incredulous looks from the both of us.

Again, my boyfriend says, "So, what you're saying is that you have it in stock but you're not going to sell it to me?" Teenaged girl rolls her eyes and VERY snottily says, "JUST, NEVERMIND, WE'LL GET IT." She then goes stomping back through the doors and we're standing there waiting, first listening to the original guy say that he wasn't going to get the alfalfa, and he was going to "COME OUT AND TELL THEM THAT SHIT". The girl kept yelling at him, and finally they both come out, the tiny little 90 pound girl carrying the feed, the big burly stocker EMPTY HANDED. She throws the alfalfa into our cart and stomps away.

This was the look on my face: |^:

We asked up front to speak to a manager, and as it turns out, she was the one checking us out. We told her what had happened, and boyfriend suggested that she get their side of the story when she had time. She told us that the stuff they had to go through was already supposed to be out on the floor as the truck had arrived FRIDAY. She was nice, and apologetic, but noncommittal. We did tell her that the only reason we were there was because the locally supplied feed store was closed, and that they could probably not count on us coming back any time soon.

TL;DR: It's entirely unreasonable and assholish to expect employees to do their job.
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