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TLDR; A comparison of bad vs. good service: The Case of Buffalo Wild Wings

When the Giants are not on television, the bf and I like to go to our local Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game and get some lunch. There are three in our general area, and we've stopped going to one because their speed of service leaves something to be desired.

The other two generally have been okay. However, today I was almost fuming when I walked out of the Buffalo Wild Wings.

First, we went to the largest one because we figured there would be enough space and televisions that we could find the Giants game on at least one of the televisions. They were very busy (understandable), but they had 7 waiters (I counted) working the floor. We walked in, and the hostess asked us if we wanted a table or a booth. Our response was, "That doesn't matter, but we'd like to be seated near the Giants game if possible." 

Her response was, "well, I don't know what tv that's on, so would you like a table or a booth?" She was very snotty about it. We waited for a moment (nobody was behind us), and started scanning the room for where the Giants game would be on the television. We couldn't find it anywhere. On three big screen televisions (right next to each other) they were playing the Patriots game (which is frustrating to me because there were a lot of games on that day, do they really need three tvs right next to each other playing the same game?). She ended up sitting us next to those tvs.

We saw the Giants game, on one smaller television screen all the way across the restaurant. The b/f said he'd ask if there was a way they could either switch one of the three tvs to the Giants game (which they've been able to do before) or ask if we could be moved (we couldn't even see the score). We waited for 15 minutes. At that point, I had noticed that none of the seven waiters had even approached our area, let alone our table. Just as I was about to get up and ask the hostess for another seat or something, we noticed they changed the television with the Giants game to a Patriots game (now, four televisions were showing the same game, and we couldn't watch ours either!) 

We left, me very angry that not only had the hostess just plopped us down, but we hadn't even been approached.

So, I was thinking maybe I was just being a special snowflake, but that's really why we come to the restaurant (that's why a lot of people do... to watch their games). So, we decided to give the other BWW a try. COMPLETE DIFFERENCE there! They seated us right away as close as they could to the Giants game (and they were doing it for other customers, too!) For the most part there were different games on every television, and we were approached by a waitress within 5 minutes of being seated.

Quick Summary: First Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant A) Had no idea what was going on with their television programming B) Didn't really seem to care and C) Neglected a whole section of customers for 15 minutes (some still with menus). Second BWW would totally kick the first one's ass.

I can understand being busy, but I am really debating writing a letter to the first BWW telling them they need to learn something from the second. Think I should? 
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