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Verizon suck

I have the Droid Eris and from day 1 I have had issues. I had not downloaded any apps, which would be nice considering that's what I wanted. I did not install any because my phone was already so slow. So, I called Verizon help desk and was blown off. I was told to download the task killer and that was it.

A few days after I downloaded the task killer, my phone was worse. Ran slower, and got to the point where I could not text. I uninstalled it, and it was back to the way it was. Finally, I got upset because my phone was to the point where I could not use my touch screen on a call (so if I had a prompt menu, I was screwed) so I took it in.

The woman who looked over my phone could not have seemed to hate her job any more than she did. She grabbed the phone from me and said "the issue is you don't have the task killer." I politely told her that I had it downloaded and just removed it as it gave me issues. I also looked online and saw I am not the only person with these issues. She sighed and this is when I began getting annoyed.

VW- verizon worker

VW - We can reboot it completely but you'll lose everything, are you sure?
Me - Yes, i just need this fixed. I use my phone a lot and when I try to use the touch screen mid-call I cannot, and also when I try to answer my phone it immediately hangs up on everyone. Not to mention the fact that when I call out and dial a number, my phone calls random people and seldom dials the number I put in. It's frustrating.
VW - Well, you'll lose everything.
Me - Okay, all I care about is my numbers and my pictures.
VW - Well those will still be there.
Me - Okay, great. Before we reboot can I write down my numbers because in the past during reboots I have lost numbers so I'm paranoid. If you need I'll get back in the line so you can take other people while I do so.
VW - It's fine. I'll back it up.
Me - Okay, it's just that I've heard this before so I still worry...
VW - .... *plugs my phone in anyway and starts*
At this point, I was slightly taken back that she just plugged it in, but I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt.

At this point she had walked into the back and I overheard her and a co-worker talking about people coming in just trying to get a replacement phone and how annoying it is. No, I just wanted to fix mine.

After a while the phone was finally done. She even so kindly downloaded the task killer for me and sent me on my way.

I get in the car and we go home. A few hours later I am trying to call my daughters babysitter and guess what. My numbers are ALL gone. Wiped out completely. So I try to text my mom to get the number, my texts will not send. Awesome. So I call the help desk and we fixed my texts. We searched for my numbers and they were in fact gone. This is why I asked her to let me write them down.

Long story short - Went to Verizon with phone problems. Lady was rude and when I left my phone was worse.

Also, if anyone here works for Verizon or has the droid eris, any ideas on how to fix this? I pay a ton each month for this smart phone and I can hardly answer a call on it let alone download any apps.
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