lizza (darkfireangel88) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Unemployment Office:

I've been unemployed for four weeks now and have not received a check - just a letter regarding my first claim (three weeks ago!) and last one (just last week, got them on the same day) saying "Payment is held due to a question about your eligibility. If payment cannot be made, you will be notified. It maybe 21 days or more from the day question arose before you are contacted."

So I call, freaking out that maybe I screwed something up, and talk to Little Miss Sassy Pants.

Me: So I got this letter [explains what it says], I was wondering what that means, is there a problem?
Her: We just have to do an investigation into the circumstances of your job loss, that can take anywhere from three to six weeks. It's standard procedure.
Me (surprised): Oh, well I didn't know that, I'm just confused because no one said anything last time I called about getting paid -
Her: Someone told you you'd be getting money?
Me: Well, I mean, when I got the packet of information, and called to finish setting up my claim and whatever, they -
Her (in a very patronizing tone): Oh no, no no. That's not a guarantee of payment, that's just what you are eligible for if we decide you are in fact eligible after our investigation.
Me: Okay, well, is there anything I can do, or -
Her (same tone, loudly and slowly now): No, we have to conduct an investigation. If you are fired, or quit your job, we investigate the circumstances with the company to make sure you are eligible for unemployment. You just keep filing your claims and we will let you know. It will take three to six weeks.
Me: Do you mean three to six weeks from my first claim, or the most recent one, or -
Her: Yes. Yes what!? Can I help you with anything else today?
Me: Well, no, but I still -
Her: Thank you blah blah blah goodbye. *click*

Okay, I get people probably try to fuck over the unemployment system all the time, and I knew there'd be a delay getting checks, but how the hell was I supposed to know they have to run an investigation?! No one told me that until this woman. I wish I'd gotten her name, but I could barely get a sentence finished, she kept interrupting and talking over me. Just because I don't understand something, and am worried because I think I screwed something up, please don't treat me like I'm stupid.
I'd call again for more clear information (pretty sure it's three to six weeks from my first claim, but it wasn't exactly clear), but I don't fancy spending another 30 minutes on hold. Every other time I've dealt with these people, it's been fine, they've been polite and helpful. This woman just...argh!
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