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chiropractor suck

Ok this is a mild suck I guess, but I am in a lot of pain & posting might make me feel better.

I have been going to chiro for about a year, as I have scoliosis & regular adjustments make it so I don't get in so much pain that I want to kill things. My chiropractor in Sydney was fantastic, but a few weeks ago I moved interstate to Canberra, and didn't start looking for a new chiro until recently when my back pain started getting pretty bad again. I was very pleased to find a new chiro only about five minutes drive from my new house, and booked myself in for a consultation today.

This chiropractic centre is a little more - for lack of a better word - cultish than the one I went to in Sydney. I never really liked that whole aspect of chiro (the "wellness treatment" stuff). I can see from x-rays that I do actually have a problem with my back, and I'd just like that treated with adjustments thanks, with all the stuff about depression/anxiety/constipation etc etc left out. Anyways, after I filled in their new patient forms (with lots of questions about depression/anxiety/constipation :P) the receptionist sat me in a chair to watch a boring five minute video on chiropractic wellness care. Whatever, my back hurts & I need an adjustment, so I will watch the thing if you'll let me in to see the chiro.

When I finally was let in to the chiro's office (20 min after my appointment time) I spent another ten minutes sitting waiting for the chiro to actually show up. Not a terrible suck I guess, but it should have been a warning sign as to what was to come. After many questions, I put on a gown for some tests followed by x-rays. Not a huge deal, though the heart-shaped metal plate he used to cover my private parts (it was velcroed to a belt-thing I put around my waist) was a bit odd. It also didn't cover anything as it was placed too high. Slightly embarrassing, but whatevs.

I had to come back later that day for the actual adjustment. My later appointment was for 4:30pm. My daughter needs to be picked up from preschool by 5:30pm, and I did mention this to the receptionist, but she just said "Oh there should be enough time, but we'd like you to come in for the analysis of the x-rays, even if there isn't enough time for the adjustment." My adjustments at my Sydney chiro took all of 10 minutes, so I was sure there would be time.

I arrived at 4:30pm in a *lot* of pain. I really needed that adjustment. The chiro didn't come out to get me until about 4:45pm. He talked for a long time about chiropractic care in general (all stuff I had heard before) and briefly about the x-rays (scoliosis has gotten worse, dammit) before saying he would be back shortly. At this point the receptionist/assistant came in & briefed me on the billing system etc, and tried to book me in for an hour long class on chiropractic wellness care on a Monday evening, which I had to refuse a couple of times before she would take no for an answer. Finally she told me to lie face down on the table & the chiro would be with me shortly. I lay there for a long time, and was considering getting up & leaving (to go pick up my daughter) when the chiro finally came in, rushed around, bent my legs a bit & then shoved some blocks under my sides before leaving "for a few minutes". I have been on blocks before & it's not too bad for the few minutes you're supposed to be on them, but he left me there for longer than usual - the blood started rushing to my head, my arms went numb, I started getting dizzy & I dozed off/passed out. I woke up to my phone ringing, and my back was absolutely killing me. I stood up in great pain & answered the phone - it was my daughter's school wondering why I was late picking her up. The chiro actually came back in at this time, saw me on the phone & left again. It was five minutes to 6 at this point - I'd been lying on the table for almost 45 minutes, with nothing done other than the blocks shoved under me, and my back on fire because I'd been left like that for too long. I poked my head out of the door but could not see the chiro, so I just went to the receptionist & told her I was leaving. I got to my daughter's school half an hour late (her school is across the road from the chiro) & I'm lucky they are only going to charge me 5 minutes late fee (it is $50 for the first five minutes & $5 for every minute thereafter).

I'm booked in for an adjustment next Friday, but considering cancelling. The problem is that this chiro is in such a convenient location & I really need regular adjustments. :( I could search for a chiro further afield I guess, but it is such a hassle having to go through all the endless questions, tests & x-rays with a new chiro & I've already paid these people around $150 for all that. :-/

tl;dr ~ New chiropractor is a little pushy with the "wellness treatment" stuff, seems to have no concept of time, leaves me to pass out on the table for 45 minutes causing me to be late to pick up my daughter from preschool (costing me late fees of $50)
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