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I have a Cineworld Unlimited card. It's basically a card which lets me see as many films as I like, at a certain brand of cinemas, for free. The card itself costs £13.50 a month, and is paid for by direct debit.

About three months ago, I set up a new bank account, and moved my direct debits over to it. Around the time my cineworld charge was due, I noticed that it was a few days late, but since it was due around a bank holiday weekend, I thought maybe that was the problem. I forgot about it for a week or so, since I was pretty busy. The next time I tried to use the card, I found out it wasn't working, and it occurred to me to check where the payment was. They still hadn't tried to take it, so I called them.

I spoke to an incredibly rude gentleman, who told me that the direct debit hadn't set up, and that I shouldn't have expected it to. He kept on asking if I wanted to make a payment. I ended up calling back the next day, and telling them to just set up the direct debit back on the old account, since I felt that they couldn't really mess that up. I was still using the old account for a few things, so it wasn't a huge hardship - I was just trying to split up my essential bills and entertainment costs by moving it.

I paid for the full month of July, despite my card having been deactivated for two and a half weeks of it. I didn't complain about this at the time - I figured that I should have double-checked when the payment hadn't gone out when I expected, and that I hadn't intended to use the card during that time anyway, else I would have noticed sooner.

The payment for August and September was due to come out three days ago. It came out of my new account, which didn't have enough in it to cover the charge. So now my bank is intending to charge me an overdrawn fee. The money was just sitting in my old account, where I asked them to take it from, waiting. I don't see why this was so hard to set up, and I know that being overdrawn, at least, will be showing up on my credit report. And, to top it all off, I'm still in the contract till December.

Don't suppose anyone has any experience or knowledge of how I can get out of it? At the moment, I'm tempted to just pay up till the end of the year and ask them to cancel, just so I don't have to deal with them any more, but I guess they'd mess that up too.

I suppose it's a good thing that it's just gone midnight here, so I can't call to yell at people, much as I want to. That would probably be unreasonable or something.

Edit: Happy ending - Cineworld is paid off until the end of the year, when it should, fingers crossed, automatically cancel. And they waived one months payment. They also said that they only have the correct details on the system - and quoted them back to me - so it must have been Lloyds fault. Lloyds waived the £33 overdrawn fee.
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