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a little backstory...

neither my husband or i have the greatest credit - chalk it up to being young & stupid, and  of course we regret it now.  almost 3 years ago we decided to purchase a new(er) van so that i would have something reliable to transport our 3 children in.  we went to a nearby dealership after seeing a vehicle online that we liked.  amazingly enough my husband was approved for the loan & we were able to drive away in a pretty nice van.  the loan goes through a company that specializes in high-risk loans - Atlantic Financial (now known as TEBO Financial).

so, for a while everything was great... i had a little trouble getting a hold of them every other Friday to make my payment ( it's due on a Sunday of all things) and rather than run up late fees we opted to have a recurring payment taken directly out of our checking account.  and still, everything was great. 

then comes the day that i had to make changes to the payment (for reasons i don't remember now).  previously i had been able to choose whether i wanted it to come out on Friday or Saturday.  i had chosen Saturday just in case something went wrong with hubby's direct deposit on Thursday night.  however, when i made changes to the payment, i was informed that from now on all payments had to go through on their selected due date (Sunday) due to changes in the payment system.  ok, whatever.  she canceled the old payment & set it up again for Sunday.

except, she didn't...

the following week rolls around & my checking account is in the negative with tons of overdraft fees because the payment came out twice.  i call up the finance company & talk to them.  i basically get an "oops" out of them & am told that they'll return the second payment.  not good enough.   what about all the fees that we incurred because of that second payment?  they told me to have the bank fax them proof & they'd see what they could do.  i was a little pissed, to say the least.  i go to the bank (and these dealings are the only time i've loved Chase bank...lol they've been great through this) and talk to one of the CSR's.  i explained the situation & he printed off my statement & circled all the fees & such that the second payment had caused.  then he went to town with a sharpie blacking out almost everything else on the paper & faxed it off to Atlantic Financial.  after a few more phone calls i get them to (finally) refund the fees.  they are not legally obligated to do so - but it's considered "a courtesy".    the payment came back into my account within 4 or so business days & the fees were refunded by check.  meanwhile hubby & i are struggling to get through the week on basically nothing.

everything goes back to normal. 

fast forward to June.  hubby gets hurt at work & is out of work for a week without pay (we were waiting on money from BWC).  i call Atlantic Financial (which is now TEBO Financial) and ask about a payment deferral.  they only have 10 deferrals to give out per month.  for everyone.  of course the 10 for June are gone (even though it's just the first week)  they tell me to call back just before July & she will make sure that we are one of the 10 for that  month (it will cover both payments for July).  no problem.  we are a bit strapped during June but we make it work.  the end of the month comes & i get all the deferral info faxed over & everything is good.  she cancels my recurring payment so that it doesn't happen in July & tells me to make sure i set it back up again before the next payment is due in early August.  in early August (the day before the payment is due, actually) i call back in & set up the payment again & everything was great.

for 2 weeks... 

the second payment in this new cycle of payments is set to come out on August 23rd (the Monday after it's due - their system is so stupid).  that weeks rolls around & i'm keeping track of what i'm spending & everything is great...except it wasn't. on Friday (the 27th) i go to the bank to get cash to pay the electric bill, which was due that day or else.  i send my check through the drive through & wait.  the teller comes back almost whispering & tells me that she couldn't cash the check & she was sending me a receipt that showed my balance.  i get the paper & said -OMG- loud enough that i'm sure the entire lobby looked up (because of course the speakers are right behind the regular lobby tellers -sigh-)  on Firday morning when i should have had ~$450 in the account i was -$30+.

i go back to my friend's house (it was much closer than home) & check the account online.  sure enough on Monday the payment from TEBO is showing 2x almost back to back.  now, i will grant that i should have checked the account sometime during the week but i KNEW without a doubt that i had NOT spent enough to overdraw my account so much that his entire check, & then some, would be gone.  turns out i was right...imagine that.

a few phone calls & one trip to the bank later & Jackie (the woman in charge of the loan) had the process started to refund the money  (which i DID eventually get). she & i also discussed canceling the recurring payment for good & making the payment online.  i told her to go ahead & cancel it & i would do it that way.  she said,  "OK, i'm canceling the recurring payment right now."

i should have known better....

Friday i made the payment online through their website. last night hubby goes to check the bank account & he is not happy.  not too surprisingly we are overdrawn.  again.  thankfully we caught it in time to transfer money from the savings account & we won't incur any fees.  we check , & sure enough, there are 2 charges from TEBO, the one i made & the recurring payment.

i call at 10 mins. after 8 this morning & talk to Jackie again.  she basically calls me a liar & says that i never told her to cancel the payment.  NONONONO.  i told her what we said & that she said,  "OK, i'm canceling the recurring payment right now."  she then gets all snotty & tells me that her manager will be in at 9 & he will check the records because they record all calls.  i told her to go right ahead & check them.  i know that i am right.  Jackie then tells me that she will have her manager call me.  i told her she would not.  i would call him at 9am because i didn't trust her to tell him & i wasn't waiting around all day for a phone call.  i got his name & extension & hung up with her.

at 9:05 i called & asked to speak to Mike (the manager)  when he answered it was apparent he had no clue what on earth i was talking about.  i explained the entire situation & told him that i needed my money.  yesterday.  i covered everything, including Jackie's attitude & the comments about the recorded phone calls.  he was very apologetic & said he would be walking over to the accounting department to have them cut me a check & overnight it.  he will also double & triple check that the recurring payment is gone.  i told him that i would be calling back to make sure that the payment was, indeed canceled.  i didn't exactly trust them at their word anymore...

SO, hopefully i'll have that check in my hand tomorrow & i won't have to borrow money off of my grandmother to cover the bills this week.  i can't wait until this damn van is paid off next spring.

i probably missed some details in the retelling of all this but when i'm this pissed i'm luck i can retell at all...lol  if it doesn't make sense just let me know & i'll clarify whatever i need to.
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