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Thank you, former home healthcare worker who, against the doctors express orders, handed my mother a box of medication when you were fired instead of giving them to me or her doctor. I'm glad to know that when my mother killed herself on Saterday, you had her best interests at heart.

Also, thank you therapist, who denied my mother a chance at help because she was 'on bed rest and not supposed to get up'. My mother was asking for your help, no she did not use those exact words, but when someone you had to almost physically force to come see you asks to pop in, there's something wrong there. It is nice to know you cared so much, I'll be sure that when I'm in crisis again (and I will be considering last night), my first phone call will be to someone who cares as much as you.

TL;DR: Cries for help and orders ignored, bad things happened.

Edit to Add: My journal has most of the posts regarding this matter open for those who are interested, feel free to join me in my journey of loss, grief and hopefully, a happier ending then it's beginning.
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