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No return business here.

I went down to a motorcycle swap meet just for lolz and saw two bikes there that looked, well, acceptable....and then I looked at the price and it was half what I would expect to pay.

Skeptical, I spoke with the seller, who said he had a shop (handed me a business card), and that they were just taking up space and he really wanted to get rid of them, thus the bargain price.

...Oh yeah, and the one that looked better didn't have a title. Well, that's a red flag, so I focused on the one that obviously needed work. I can do work, and for a bargain price I'm willing to put a little labor in.

We talked about exactly what work needed to be done (he alleged it was mostly cosmetic stuff, plus a new headlight) and I said I would have to think about it and talk with someone with a trailer. My father agreed to use his truck and trailer, so we went back together.

Funny thing, as soon as I showed up with a MAN in tow the story changed--suddenly the bike needed much more work, a new battery, and oh yeah, this one didn't have a title either.

(How far did he expect to get before telling that last part, anyway?)

Even when I save up enough money to buy a bike that isn't a bargain, I'll avoid THAT shop. The indisputable fact that I'm a woman is no reason to lie by omission, and nothing chaps my hide like someone willing to cheat me just because I'm not a certified mechanic.
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