robertr4836 (robertr4836) wrote in bad_service,

2ND Bad Car Service

This may be the second worst car experience that I ever had and it is the reason I would never go to Midas or Meineke again.

Which may be unfair to one of them. Several years ago my car needed a new muffler so I brought it to Midas (or Meineke...I really can't remember). The estimate was almost two hundred dollars because they said they needed to replace the pipe from the catalytic converter back.

A friend had suggested I try Gallante's Muffler & Brake (it's in Wilmington or Tewksbury, MA) so I decided to get an estimate from them too.

The guy from Gallante's told me $35 so I told him what Midas (Meineke?) had said. He shook his head in disbelief and asked me to come with him out into the shop. He proceeded to point out that my pipes were all stainless steel, they were very expensive (I had bought the car used...who knew?), and that they would never rust. He said, "That guy at Midas (Meineke?) probably took one look at these pipes and decided to try and take them for himself".

Naturally I always go out of my way to bring my car to Gallante's. I just wish they did more than mufflers and brakes.

This one didn't happen to me but to a coworker...

His clutch was slipping so he dropped the car off at Aamco. During the day they called him and told him the transmission was no good and it would be a lot more money. He needed his car so he agreed to the repair but I guess he got a little suspicious so when he went to pick up the car he asked to see the old transmission. The guy told him to hold on a minute and went into the shop. He said he heard something that sounded like a sledgehammer banging metal then the guy came back, lead him into the shop and showed him a transmission that LOOKED like it had just been assaulted with a sledgehammer!

He said that since he had no proof he tried to look on it as a lesson. I think it gives new meaning to that Aamco does it go...

"Aamco, where over half the cars brought to us DON'T need new transmissions!"
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