robertr4836 (robertr4836) wrote in bad_service,

I like pretty girls too but I've been waiting 25 minutes

Supermarket deli is a madhouse with about 25-30 people waiting and only three employees filling orders. I have 00 and after 25 minutes we are finally on 99. I see the young male employee finish with his customers order and I am waiting for him to call out the next customer.

A pretty young girl steps up and says something to him. They talk back and forth for a few seconds, with the crowd I can't hear what they are saying but he reaches over and she hands him her ticket. He then advances the counter to 01 and I realize he is about to start filling her order so I step up and say, "Excuse me but you just skipped over me" while holding up my ticket. He replies, "I'm sorry, I thought she was 00. I'll take you as soon as I finish with her."

Bullshit. He looked at her ticket and he would have advanced the counter to 00 if he thought she was 00, not advanced it so the next person called would be 02. I don't know if the young woman had no clue that there was a 00 between 99 and 01 and wanted to be fair or if she just felt guilty but she told the young guy that he should take my order first since I was ahead of her.

I like pretty girls too but you're not at work to try and interact with the pretty female customers, you're at work to help all the customers.
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