momofquacker (momofquacker) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service at Wendy's. Who would have thought?

About a week and a half ago, I wound up having to take my son to the doctor after school, then the pharmacy to get medicine. Since it was dinner time by the time his prescription was filled, and he had behaved himself very nicely, I decided to go ahead and get fast food for him as a special treat, and since Wendy's was right next to CVS, he decided to go there.

So, we go in, and place our order. two kid's meal nuggets, 2 quarter pounders with cheese meals, and another burger combo (i do not remember offhand now). the person filling the orders must have been new, as he kept asking his co-workers about various things. At one point he asked how many 'value fries' were supposed to be in the order, and the cashier answered 3. OK, i did order 3 combos, so that sounds right to me. It took almost 20 minutes for them to finish filling my order- the burgers were ready and packed first, one of the kids nuggets and one container of fries next, and finally the other kids' nuggets and the other fries.

When they went to hand me my food, they tried to hand me only one soda- I had to remind them that every meal came with a drink. I get home and find that we were missing 2 containers of fries, and there were no toys in the bag, as there should have been for the kids meals. The burgers were also cold.

So, we sent a message to Wendy's corporate, filing a complaint, as this was not the first time we have had issues with Wendy's (especially this particular Wendy's) and knew that contacting the store itself would get us nowhere.

We still have not gotten any response to our complaint. Which certainly tells me how they feel about customer 'service' and 'satisfaction'

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