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Delivery Suck

I was just reading a post made recently about sucky delivery men, and it reminded me of my hilarious (to me at least) experience with UPS.

Now in this story I'm not actually the customer, but it was incredibly bad service for the actual customer, and they inadvertently made me a customer as well?


This happened about 3-4 years ago, in the summer. I was at home taking care of my Gran, and I had the front door open for some reason (I honestly can not remember why, and it's aggravating because it's something we just don't do!) But anyway I had gone upstairs when I heard some thunking noises downstairs. I rushed back downstairs worried that my Gran had fallen or something, only to catch the tail end of a brown-shorted man walking out my front door. My only thought was "Eh?" Then I notice the 5 or so boxes sitting in my foyer, cue a longer drawn out "eeeehhhhh?"

I head down the stairs to check them out, cause maybe my mom forgot to tell me that we were expecting a delivery for Gran (she was rather ill so we did often get lots of deliveries for her) But no they're not for us at all, not for anyone on our street either. Not even our community, though I'll give them that it was for the next community over, a whole 5 min drive! And it was most definitely something that needed to be signed for, I don't remember what it was but it was for the doctor’s office (I think it was medical supplies, or patient records from they're old office or something) definitely not something you want to end up in the wrong hands.

So I phone UPS and tell them they delivered something to the wrong place. I explain what I can from the packages and the woman tells me that I shouldn't have signed for it if it wasn't mine. I explain that I didn't sign for it, and she argues that he wouldn't leave without a signature. This goes back and forth for a while, until I ask if someone will come get it to deliver it to the proper people and she says- I shit you not- "Can't you drive it up to them?" No. Most definitely no. "But they're only up the road from you" Still no, even if I could drive. She denies any responsibility for the package because I signed for it! She also informs me that the Doctors can sue me for falsifying the records or something along those lines. I inform her they can probably sue UPS for not paying attention to where they deliver the package. When my mom came home she tried calling them, they were still sticking with their theory that it's our respoonsibility* because I signed for it, we stick with our fact that I did not sign for it.

We had those boxes in our foyer for five days, because we are stubborn asses and so are UPS apparently, before I finally gave up and found the number for the doctor’s office gave them a call. Explained it all to them, and set up a time for them to get their stuff and we all lived happily ever after.

But seriously who just walks into someone’s house and leaves expensive/ confidential stuff there?
*I realise I made a spelling mistake, but it amused me and maybe it will amuse others as well.


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