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So this is a minor suck/wtf that, thankfully, got fixed.

I went home to Cincinnati for a funeral, and afterward, we visited Abuelos in N KY for lunch. We got seated at our table, and waited, and waited... Then a few servers started quietly arguing. What were they arguing about you ask? Who got "stuck with the people at table 42." Lots of grimacing and some no ways, between which they'd look over to our table. Finally somebody walks in the back and tells a server back there that she got 42. She comes and asks what we'd like to drink. My dad asks, "What table number are we sitting with." The server responds, "You're at table 42, why do you ask?" And mom launches into a retelling of what had just happened. Our server first looked horrified, and then like she was about to get an eye twitch. She took our drink/food orders (we'd been sitting a while) and told us she was dreadfully sorry about what had happened, and was going to do whatever it took to make things right. She then offered to have a manager come by.

The manager came over and started offering us free appetizers/desserts. We didn't really want either, so we turned them down. Our waitress was wonderful through the rest of the meal and we made sure to tip her well. The weird thing is that my parents have been regulars since the place opened, as their food rocks and their service is (normally) great. Their regular waiter, who was working the patio that day, came by to show us the newest picture of his adorable little girls. So the rest of the meal went great, it was just super weird that the first thing had even happened. We also got to see a quietly furious manager motion the offending servers in the back to have a chat. (Note: We specifically said we didn't want any action taken against the servers, just that if they wanted to do something so offensive/stupid they should do it in the back.)
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