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Midas Touch not so golden

Preparing for a six hour road trip, my husband decided to get the oil changed in his Explorer. I'm a sucker for a deal and found a coupon in the phone book for the Midas Touch package: oil change, tire rotation, a fluid level check and an overall diagnostic check up, all for $29.95.

We called at about a quarter to one in the afternoon, to see if they would have time to service the car that day. "No problem," says the Midas guy. "It'll take about an hour. Bring it in and drop it off." When we actually did that, the place was packed and the same guy told us there were a few cars in front of us, and it would be two hours instead of one. No problem, we had errands to run. Hubby tells guy that when they do the check up, they'll find a bunch of issues that we know about, but aren't going to fix since the Explorer is not a long term car. Guy notes this on the invoice, and off we went in my car, with the Midas guy holding our coupon and promising a phone call when the work was done.

At 4:30, I suggested hubby call and see what the status was. "We're really slammed today, but your car is up next," says the guy.

We drive by the Midas shop at 5 and see the Explorer up on the car lifty things. We decide to get a coffee and hang out at a nearby Borders until we get the call to come pick up the Explorer.

At 6:15, we have finished our drinks and decide to drive back to the shop and just wait.

6:20, we drive up to the shop. The closed shop. The dark, locked, closed shop. With the Explorer still inside. Hubby leaps from my car and frantically pounds on the entrance door. One employee miraculously remains and lets us in, then berates us for not knowing the closing time. "Oh, they had to have told you we close at 6. No shops around here stay open past 6."

"Okay," says hubby, "but they were supposed to call."

"They didn't tell me anything about your car, so I just figured you were leaving it over night, but I'll pull it around for you." No apology, or anything even resembling one. "You're lucky I was still here!"

Hubby gives this guy his credit card info, gets his receipt and happily gets in his Explorer. Which is still devoid of fluids. And is possessing tires which have not noticeably been rotated (I took my mom's advice and marked one.) We checked the oil, and it looks right, at least. It's now amber instead of black. But, oh, what's the on the receipt? No record of a coupon. Just a full price charge for the Midas Touch package.

Granted, it's only a $5 difference, but when the majority of the package wasn't even completed, and when there is such a lack of communication nearly turned a one hour job into a 24 hour wait?

Could it be possible that this shabby service was due to the fact we made it clear that we were not interested in any expensive add ons to the service package? Did Midas figure since we were dumping this car soon that there was no money to be made and, thus, no need to fulfill their end of the bargain?
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