Chibi (tsukichibi) wrote in bad_service,

McD's Suck/wtf

After I get off work I have fifteen minutes to catch the bus, give or take. So yesterday at 4:30pm, I hurry downstairs and head over to the McDonald's, planning to buy a snack for me and some friends. I get in line. At about 4:37pm, I get up to the cashier.

Me: I'd like two junior chickens and a mcdouble, please.
Cashier: Okay, that'll be $x.xx.
Me: *pays and moves over. At this point, I catch sight of the guy who makes the sandwiches putting more junior chickens into the fryer and catch the attention of the runner* Do you guys not have enough junior chickens?
Runner: We only have one.
Me: Then can I get my money back? I don't have time to wait. *it is now 4:40pm, and Cashier is in the middle of a long, complicated order.*
Runner: If you want, we can do two mcdoubles and one junior chicken.
Me: Sure, that's fine.
Runner: *goes into back and speaks to guy making the sandwiches. He quickly makes up the food while she is standing there watching him and gives it to her. Runner gives me the bag and I run out to the bus and make it just in time.*

So where's the bad_service/wtf you say? Well, when I got home, I found out he'd given me three McDoubles and no junior chickens. -_-
Tags: *fast food, customers shouldn't get what they want, mcwank
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