Andrea (allywonderland) wrote in bad_service,

It should NOT be this difficult!

I was recently diagnosed with a chronic condition that would normally be treated with steroids. I'm a nursing mom so steroids aren't an option. My doctor prescribed a drug that is not commonly used in adults but is designed for this condition. It has taken 2 weeks and at least 20 phone calls to get this prescription figured out.

I go to pick it up at my pharmacy and they tell me that since they didn't have any in stock they transferred my prescription to another branch. Okay, so I drive over there. The 2nd branch informs me that all they had was a 5 day supply and that my co-pay would be $55. I said there was no way I could pay that.

I called the doctor's office and asked about possible alternative treatment and they said "well just wean the baby and we'll do steroids." Thanks, that's helpful!

After multiple back and forths I'm informed that besides steroids this is the only drug FDA approved for my condition. So I call the insurance to see if doing it mail order will make it cheaper.

The insurance lady informs me that my doctor had written the prescription as a 14 day prescription with 1 refill (one month) so I would have to pay 2 copays. But it could be written for the full 30 days and I would have to only pay one copay. $55 a month I can handle. I call back to the doctor's office and tell them that.

I get a phone call from the doctor's office this morning that my prescription for 30 days has been called in. Great! I call the pharmacy to get an ETA. They tell me that the first prescription (for 14 days) was canceled and the doctor called in a prescription for 7 days with 3 refills.

I go the rounds all afternoon between the pharmacy and the doctor's office trying to get this worked out. At one point the nurse said "I don't understand what the problem is, I'm just going to call in a prescription for steroids, wean the baby tonight and start them tomorrow, this is ridiculous that we have to spend this much time on this." I was able to bite my tongue and tell her all I needed was ONE prescription for a 30 day supply (1200) WITHOUT any refills. She told me that the pharmacy could just "combine" the 4 one week prescriptions!

I finally got a phone call half an hour ago that they have the correct prescription, that I can come pick up the first 5 days tomorrow and the rest will be in Monday.

It sucks to live in a smallish town where I really don't have any other options for care. =P
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