Ivy (badbadivy) wrote in bad_service,

Ick. Ick. Ick.

One of my dogs likes to wear clothes. My 9 year old daughter Megs will, from time to time, use some of her allowance money to buy Kitty (the dog) a new outfit. Megs and I had been looking at various places all weekend for some clothes for Kitty and we weren't digging anything at all.

So we went to the grocery store on Saturday, and right next to it is a Pet Supermarket. Megs asked me if we could go over to Pet Supermarket before we went into the grocery store to see if they had some outfits for Kitty.

We go in and there are a bunch of clothes she really liked. While Megs was examining the clothes, I hear "WHY would a customer come in with a dog that's just dripping in ticks? Disgusting!" I look over and on another aisle, there are 3 employees standing around looking dismayed.

One of the other employees said, "I do not know, that's disgusting, look at all the blood on the floor. Ewwwww!" and, "Oh my God, I just squashed a big fat one!" Megs is taking forever to make a choice, and for about 10 minutes I stand there listening to them go on and on and on and on and on about the ticks.

Finally, Megs decides what she wants and we go over to the register to pay. We stand there another couple of minutes while the three of them go on some more about the ticks and argue about whether or not they are allowed to use bleach on the floor.

Finally, one of the employees comes over to check us out. The total was $11.48. Megs gave him $21.48. He takes the money, puts it in the register and hands Megs the receipt. Megs looks at me, I say, "Can we please have our change?"

"Oh, sure, sorry about that," he said, "Hey (one of the other employees), do you have the keys to the register?" No, she didn't. And neither did the other employee. So they proceed to take another 10 minutes to find the keys. He then tries to give Megs back $9. I tell him, "Hey, she gave you $21.48, you owe her a 10." "Oh, I forgot how much she gave me," he said.

The change thing wouldn't be anything more than a very minor irritant, but coupled with the tick thing, I really wanted to get the hell out of there.

We left and I spent the rest of the day feeling itchy. Agggh.
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