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Holy Kyptonite Batman!

Generally it's been awhile since I've had a problem with fast food. I'm very understanding, and make sure I say things clearly and am polite. So I'm really shocked when they flip out at me!

I went to Taco Bell today to get some regular tacos and just have a nice lunch. Now I'll admit I'm a picky eater but generally small mess ups don't bug me but I must have caught the employees at the wrong time.

Me: Yes... me :)
TBJ: Taco Bell Jockey
CW: TBJ's coworkers

Me: Can I get (taco combo number)?
TBJ: Softshell or hard?
Me: Uh... soft please and can I get them with no tomatos?
TBJ: Um I don't think so, we premake them.
*Now I blink because just a moment a go she told the other person things are made when people order them*
Me: Um... okay I guess... can I get a beef and potato burrito too? And are they premade?
TBJ: No they're not, anything else?
Me: Can I get that without the onions and tomatos?
TBJ: No, I just told you they are premade too.
Me: *very confused but goes with it*
TBJ: Your total is xx.xx

Now I pay and wait like everyone else, talking with my friend, telling her she couldn't get her tacos without tomatos, she's a little upset but since I'm paying she can't really complain :P My friend points out to me that TBJ is pointing at me and laughing with her coworkers, I shrug it off, not caring what random people think and then when they call out our food I grab it and sit down with my friend.

I open my burrioto to take out the green onions and mators and find to my disgust that it's PILED with them, unnessicarily so, there's barely any meat and potatos. My fried finds her tacos have suffered the same fate. Now I get up and place it on the counter.

Me: I don't know if you think you're being funny but you piled my burrito and my friend's tacos with what we asked to have removed.
TBJ: (snorts) I told you they're premaid... so we couldn't have touched them.
Me: Well can I get different ones made instead of these?
TBJ: If you want to pay again..
Me: Can I speak with your manager?
TBJ: No... he's out.
Me: Can I have his number?
TBJ: No, I'm not supposed to give it out...
Me: Well when will he be back?
TBJ: I don't know nto now.
Me: *getting kind of ticked* I'll wait.

My friend was a trooper and we waited 20 minutes for the manager. I told him what I was told and it turned into a he said, she said match. The manager looked pretty fed up, so I just asked to be given a refund and I can go elsewhere, no fuss no muss. TBJ and his coworkers inject that I asked for extras and that I'm lying but I manage to get it nad we ate at Quizno's instead...

I mean WTF? Why do you act that way? You lie to the customer (because the burriotos and tacos are NOT premade) and then be a jackass and screw them over when they have done nothing wrong :(
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