mixtupbutterfly (mixtupbutterfly) wrote in bad_service,

Seriously... Grrrr

K, I get that most people don't like Taco Smell. But coming home from a wedding, drunk, wanting quick food, Taco Smell sounded great.

First, I'm a vegetarian. Taco Smell is actually really great at modifying vegetarian food without meat or beans, I like it. When drunk, most people agree it's good food. About the only time it's good ;)

Well I'm in the backseat, with my parents, and we order something simple. Cheese quesadilla (nothing needs to be modified, it's just cheese and tortilla, not that hard) so I never check that, because it's never been messed up. It's not a special order. Well I order a cheesy gordita crunch... no meat or beans. We get it back, and it has beans. This isn't the bad service! Stuff happens, the ticket was entered no meat, but they didn't enter no beans. We get it fixed, all was well.

I get home, eat my gordita. I get the child in bed, settle down for the night, and choose to heat up my quesadilla. My wonderful quesadilla with no meat.... or not. I feel that it is just a bit too hard and heavy... and sure enough, IT HAS CHICKEN IN IT **slams head into desk**

Well there goes that idea. I wrapped it up and put it in the fridge, my stepdad will eat it tomorrow.

But the bad service... I totally understand messing up orders that typically come with meat or beans. That's okay. But when you have an item on the menu that says cheese quesadilla, and it comes without meat, and there is no one else in the place to get that order mixed up with... it should be right.

Thanks Taco Smell, you totally ruined my drunkeness coming home. I wanted that quesadilla. GRRRR! I'd regret it tomorrow, but I wanted it now, lol!
Tags: *fast food, say my name say my name, tex-mex ain't as good as calimex, tex-mex food is delicious
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