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Sounds like someone was having a bad day

This is probably more of a service_wtf than a bad_service moment, but I suppose it can't hurt to at least see what y'all think about it. This happened at a local restaurant that I'm pretty sure shut down because that specific location just wasn't bringing in enough business (for non-bad_service related reasons, actually).

My parents and I were taking a family friend up to the airport so he wouldn't have to worry about parking. On the way, we decide to stop for lunch after he mentioned that he hadn't eaten since the night before. At first, everything is relatively peachy aside from a menu shortage caused by who knows what. FF orders this turkey sandwich that came with french fries and asked if it would be possible to get the sandwich plain, with nothing on it but the turkey and the meat. The waitress looked a little confused, but said it was fine and took the rest of our orders.

When the food came, we were in the middle of a conversation, so didn't pay too much attention at first aside from thanking the waitress and asking if we could get refills on our drinks. Then I notice that FF isn't eating. He's just staring at his plate with this really strange look on his face. His sandwich wasn't so much a sandwich as it was a "breadwich". It had come back as just the bread with a floofy toothpick stuck in the top.

I don't remember the exact reaction from the waitress when FF showed her the breadwich, but it eventually got sorted out and we spent the rest of the meal trying to come up with possible reasons for why this happened. Thirteen years later, my mom and I still can't figure it out and neither can my girlfriend, who's seen more than her fair share of WTF moments from the kitchen staff at the diner where she works.
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