Charlie Quinn (charliequinn) wrote in bad_service,
Charlie Quinn

Maccas and the McMuffin

This is just a small thing, but it seems to be epidemic at McDonalds in Australia.

I can't eat eggs on their own. In cakes, in muffins, fine. Eggs on their own? A quick trip to the toilet for me.

So because of that, I always order a hash brown and a plain Sausage McMuffin at Maccas breakfast. For some reason, for about the last ten years, I always, always get a Sausage and Egg McMuffin. Why is this? Different stores (both Bell Sts, Central, Epping, all across the damn state), different times, with different people.

Why is a plain Sausage McMuffin, with the emphasis on plain, and NO EGG when I make the order, so hard to get? Why do I always, 9 times out of 10, get an Egg and Sausage?

Not really bad service by any particular store or person, just... why does this always happen?
Tags: *fast food
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