cindy ohNO (cindy_ohno) wrote in bad_service,
cindy ohNO

First post!

Well anywho, my friend and I went to a Walgreens to purchase lunch stuff for work and stuff. So we get in line and all...and the cashier of course doesn't say hi or anything...but what comes out of his mouth first is, "Ohhh, I see that you guys don't cook much." And we just big deal right. So then he asks us if we are a couple...and we are like 'no way' and yeah, then he says, "ah, well you guys must be friends with benefits." O.o I was like wtf? He shouldn't be asking personal questions like that, especially since he was a stranger, and there was a line of 5+ people back there.

Then one of the earlier entries of Dennys reminds me of the one right by my house. The suck...does it honestly take 15 minutes to bring out a glass of water?

....more posts to come!
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