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Having to deal with blatant racism from a manager!

My boyfriend has been working away from home in the last week with a co worker, and they have both been staying at various hotels whilst they travel around getting company work done. However he told me about something his co worker encountered that has filled me with disgust.

To give a bit of background, my boyfriend and the co worker are engineers, and have been out doing various jobs throughout the day then coming back to their hotel rooms late at night. However the acquaintence he is with returned to his room at night for two days running and the room blatantly hadn't been cleaned while he was away. He mentioned it in passing to the man who worked in reception, who was immensely apologetic, said that he would forward the complaints to the manager, give him a discount and (this is important) didnt bother checking that the room was uncleaned because he believed him. Great service right?

The next morning however the co worker was approached by the manager who was incredibly rude to him. She had heard the complaints forwarded from the man at reception and said that the co worker wasn't going to get a discount or any apology from her because she didn't trust the co-worker or her receptionist! She allegedly said to him;

"Yeah well, I can't trust either of you. You two are both asian and I know what you lot are like. You asians are all the same!"

SERIOUSLY?! I mean seriously? Apparently my boyfriend and his acquaintence checked out of the hotel that day in disgust and I'm not surprised. To be treated with such rudeness and blatant racism by the manager, is beyond disgusting and I seriously can't believe they encountered that!
Tags: *bad service turned good then bad again, hotel/lodge, stupid racism
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