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Medical Lab Worker Has a Problem With Body Hair

Yesterday, I went to see my physician for a myriad of health problems I've been dealing with lately. He decided he wanted more tests done at the lab, but I was told I didn't need an appointment and I didn't need to fast, so I stopped by the lab to get it over with on my way home.

I was quickly paired with a woman to perform the tests on me. It involved blood work, and I mentioned I didn't handle needles and blood too well, and she was very understanding and comforting. So far, I liked her.

Then I needed a t4 test done. I was instructed to take my top off and roll my jeans up to my knees, because I needed those sticky-electrode-things on my chest and calves. As a result of busyness and laziness, I hadn't shaved in about a week and a half. When I rolled up my jeans and saw my semi-hairy legs, I had a minor "Oh, that sucks, but whatever" moment, but I wasn't about to reschedule to shave my legs and I hoped the lab worker would be mature enough to not be bothered by it.

When she entered the room and I was half-naked lying on the bed, she kept glancing at my legs while explaining the procedure. Things got even more awkward when she was attaching the stickers on my body, and she made completely rude and inappropriate comments like, "Most women have the courtesy to shave before this test," "I'm surprised it stuck to you, with all that hair," and a few other annoying remarks.

What the Christ, lady? It seriously wasn't even that much hair. If for some reason I needed to be hairless to have the damn test done, there's a polite way to explain it to me. After the third or so comment, I bluntly told her that I didn't really care about the amount of hair on my body, and she shut up.

But what bothers me the most about all this nonsense is that her aggravation likely wasn't a product of the hair itself, but hair being on a woman. I doubt she recoils in disgust when she sees a man's hairy leg. She specifically said "women" should shave before the test. Had I known what the test consisted of before my appointment with my physician, I probably would have shaved, but it shouldn't matter. Her recognising that my legs weren't shaved wasn't embarrassing or hurtful to me, but the nerve she had to berate me about it was extremely irritating.

I got the hell out of there once the test was done. I'm going to call in and ask for a superior to explain the situation tomorrow. I'm still angry about it. ARGH.
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