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Denny's SUCKS!

Okay, so there's this Denny's by my work. It's only like a 2 minute drive so it's pretty convenient to eat there, which is why I keep going back even after all the trouble I've had. This time though I'm not so sure. Let me give you a little history on this Denny's, nearly everytime I go there it's a huge process to get in and out in under an hour, which I feel makes no sense (they're not insanely busy when I go, in fact they're pretty dead). Our waitress either completely forgets about us or the food takes forever to get out. The last time I went there I placed a to-go order to avoid this type of situation, no luck, I called 30 minutes ahead and 15 minutes after I got there I FINALLY got my food. The manager was nice enough to comp it even though I didn't complain about it then either.

So today I was pleasantly surprised when our server was really sweet and actually got our food out pretty fast. Our check came just as quickly. My friend and I go up to pay and the girl at the register says we have to wait because some guy took part of her register. Okay, fine, so we wait and a couple minutes later this guy comes with the part of the register. My friend lets him know we want to be rung up on seperate checks and I hand him my credit card. The idiot guy behind the counter then apparently put it all on my credit card. He's fumbling with the register and tells us that we should've told our server first. He then says something about how he has to get an authorization code and again reminds us that we should've told our server first. At this point we're running late and I have to call my boss so she doesn't have a hissy fit, I get voicemail and let her know that I'm running late because I ate out and they're having a problem with the check.(I should also mention I wasn't saying it in an obnoxious it's-all-your-fault-I'm-late kind of way, I just have to tell her when I'm going to be late). For about the third fucking time he tells us we should've told our service and it's not like in a helpful informative way it's like in a complainy rude way. So I tell him that every other time I come here I never have this problem and I never have to tell the server first. He's still on the phone so my friend just tells him to keep it as it is and she will owe me. He hangs up the phone and hands me a copy of the receipt to sign. As I'm signing he mutters loud enough for me to hear "This isn't fast food". WTF?! I told him I know this isn't fast food all I'm saying is that it's never been this big of a deal before and we never tell our server first. I finish signing and get out of there. My other co-worker just happened to be in line behind us and told us that when he left he was all pissed and said how he wanted to "knock us out so bad". I'm sure corporate is going to love to hear about this.
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