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Bad yahoo service

The previous post about bad service from yahoo reminded me of my own bad service with them. I hope I'm not breaking any rules for posting about it as it is somewhat old.

I used to do a lot of photography though I've taken a break for the last few years. When my web site was new and people were interested to the point I would get yelled at by my web hosting for breaking their server when I got too many hits in one day I had created an eGroup to use as a way to notify viewers when I had done an update to my page. Because some of my work contains nudity I labeled the group as an adult group so as not to get in trouble and also to keep minors from signing up to be notified of updates when they shouldn't even be on my site (I have a daughter so I think of these things).

eGroup was then bought out by Yahoo and at first everything was fine.

I had created my yahoo email account when the web was fresh and new and yahoo was just getting started. Hell, I was still using telnet when yahoo came out and playing on MUDs. Because of this, I had a LOT of contacts and even more emails stored and saved for references.

So many many years down the road from yahoo buying eGroups, I suddenly can't sign into my yahoo. My yahoo was a paid account so I called yahoo to find out what was going on.

The woman I spoke with informed me that I had broken their Terms of Use. I asked them in what way and they would not tell me. Flat out refused to review it, discuss it or even get me a manager. So I asked for a refund since they had BILLED me for a month just two days before they deleted my f'n account!

Basically, I lost all my contacts, emails, etc and they could care less. Wouldn't even tell me why. The only reason I'm sure it was because of my Yahoo Group was because there was a huge explosion from people who had marked their groups as "adult" on yahoo having their accounts deleted and getting the same response I did at that time.

I will not have anything to do with yahoo. When I boycott, I really do. If a company is associated with yahoo, owned by or even touched by yahoo I will not do business with them. If a video I want to watch is on yahoo I won't watch it.

So there is my story. Years later and I am STILL steamed about it.
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