Emma (miss_poppet) wrote in bad_service,

This Is Why I Don't Like Talking on the Phone

Minor suck, but augh!

Background history: I have BPII and PTSD, and am on lithium and trazadone for these things. The clinic where I receive psychiatric aid and have my prescriptions filled is full of idiots, I swear- they ignore my phone calls when I need to have my doctor refill my prescriptions, they're way too rough doing blood draws to test my lithium levels, they cancel appointments randomly because they overbook, and they have refused to speak with my university for future treatment. I am in high stress mode because I have to pack everything, as my family home is being auctioned on the 24th and I am stuck living for two weeks with friends because I have nowhere else to go- it's that or be homeless. I have 20000 things on my plate at the moment. So when I make an appointment for a blood draw a month ahead of time, I would like it if the clinic would let me know about a week ahead of time that their needle people are going to a convention on that date that's been confirmed for two weeks so that I can reschedule accordingly.

This was the phone conversation, pretty much verbatim:

Her: "Hello, *Insert Name* Health Care!"
Me: "Hey. My name is Emma, I have an appointment rearrangement?"
Her: "Yes, everyone who had an appointment on Wednesday has been shifted to Thursday to the *blank* Building."
Me: "...Ah. I don't know where that would be. I only come to the Clinic for treatment. I've never had to go into any of the other buildings for any reason, or even remember their names. Could you tell me where the building is located?"
Her: "It's across from the us."
Me: *thinking- there are FOUR other buildings, all technically across, wtf* "Hmm. I'm not really certain. Could you tell me when I come in?"
Her: "But it's right across. :D"
Me: "I understand that, but I'm not certain where you mean. There are a lot of buildings that are technically across the way from the clinic."
Her: "Well, I know, but it's ACROSS."
Me: "...So am I supposed to come in at ten in the morning, like I was on Wednesday?"
Her: "We're doing blood drawing all day! :D"
Me: "... ... ...Ma'am, that doesn't help me at all. Should I come in at ten in the morning, or should I plan on coming in later?"
Her: "We're drawing blood all DAY. :D"
Me: "That's wonderful. I'll come in at ten."
Her: "Remember, go across!"
Me: "...I'll ask for directions when I arrive. Thank you."

Normally I would brush this off as a brief "well, that was stupid" encounter, but to have to deal with this kind of thing repeatedly? I'd find a new clinic, but the only one in the area has a six month waiting list. At least I only have to try and rely on this group until the 19th of next month, augh.
Tags: *medical/pharmacy, bad directions, first do no harm?
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