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minor suck...

So my sister and I are on vacation at a lake, and spent last night walking around the pier, where there's an arcade, T-shirt stores, tourist type stuff. We walk a little off the beaten path, and wander into a candy store. We're the only ones in there, and it's one of those pay by the pound stores. She picks up about a handful of some candies that she likes, and places them in the basket, and brings them up to the counter to pay. The only employee at the store was sitting outside, smoking, when we entered the store, but comes in when she sees us. She takes one look at my sister's small handful of candy and the twenty she has pulled out to pay for it. The candy comes to about $1.50. This is the conversation that ensued:

S= my sister
C= cashier

C: you didn't buy that much candy and you're paying with a twenty?
S: it's all the money that I have...
C: don't you know that you should never buy a dollar worth of stuff with a twenty?

It's not a ton but she had a super bitchy tone. And it's not like she didn't have any small change in her register- I made sure to check when she opened it that she had plenty of small bills. I didn't think a twenty was really that big of a deal- she only lost a ten, a five, and three ones. Plus we were the only people in there in the ten minutes we were there- shouldn't she have been more happy with our business?

tl;dr: lady is a bitch when my sister tries to buy $1.50 of candy with a twenty.
Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!
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