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My first dental horror story! :D

This happened at the beginning of this year. I've never had an issue with my dental clinic, I've had a few of the dentists see myself, my husband, my kids and they're all amazing, we've been going there for years.

I need braces, not for my teeth because they're pretty straight but because my jaw is not aligned properly, when I shut my teeth closed, one side meets and the other side doesn't. This has caused the joint in my jaw to get flattened and dislocate a few times. Instead of surgery, which they could do but would be very invasive, they decided they could fix it by putting on braces for a few years and using the wires to re-align the way the jaw sits.

So to prep for getting braces, I had to go in and get a few fillings. I just had a baby 2 years go, and during pregnancy I got a few cavities.

I went in and was assigned a dentist who was new to the clinic, I hadn't met her before but every other dentist I had was just fine, so I wasn't worried at all. I tell her about my jaw problems and TMJ and tell her I cannot open my mouth very wide, but I can enough for fillings, but if she could be careful as to the pressure she puts on that'd be great. She tells me she's just going to look around at my teeth first, and grabs what I *thought* was one of those little toothy mirrors on a stick, so I open wide and then feel a huge jab in my jaw.

She gave me local anesthetic without even asking. I don't ever get local anesthetic for dental because 1. fillings don't hurt me, I have a high pain tolerance and 2. I have extremely bad jaw problems, if I open my mouth the wrong way my jaw still dislocates, and even if it didn't it strains the muscles in a way that will not let me open my mouth for weeks. I need to be able to feel my jaw, because there are positions that I can stay open in, I just need to click my jaw a few times to find it, which I cannot do if I've had local because I can't feel what the safe positions are.

I ask her did you just give me local?? She says yes, and I tell her I never get local, it'll be hard for me to feel my jaw enough to find the safe positions to hold my jaw in. All dentists I've ever had have asked if I'd like local for the fillings, and then were fine with it when I said no. She shrugs it off and tells me to open again, I open thinking she's going to start on the fillings and I feel ANOTHER jab..

She put another friggin needle in my jaw, after I told her I don't want any anesthetic. I feel it hit a nerve and my entire body spasms. I see her grab a third needle fo the other side, and I tell her to put it down, now.

So we start on the filling and as I thought, I'm having a really hard time opening my jaw at all, there are very few positions where my jaw will open past a few inches, I can do it normally but I'm having issues with the freezing.

So she says, "I have something that will help!" and within seconds shoves this weird device into my mouth that FORCES my jaw open, like a big claw. I'm grunting that she's going to do damage, and to please take it out, and she can't understand me with the thing in my mouth.

She then says she'll be right back, and goes off. I figure she's just grabbing something at first, but I can hear her just sitting in the hall talking to a few of the employees. About another employee, and a mistake they made, and just general gossip. I watch the clock - she left me with this thing in my mouth for 15 minutes before she comes back.

She gets started on the filling, and she's pushing so hard on my jaw while doing it that I have to hold my jaw from the other side, it hurts even with the freezing. She finishes and I point to the claw and try again, "Out now" this time she understands and takes it out and does one more near the front without it. She puts way too much filling in, and has to start sawing between the teeth with this tiny little file for about 10 minutes.

I told her to forget about the third filling, I don't want her to do it, and I left.

The anesthetic hitting my nerve had my entire head numb and part of my neck for hours.

I get home, and it starts wearing off, and I am in pain. My jaw was locked open again, which sucks, and I can feel the point of impact in the nerve, a huge throbbing where it hit.

I ended up having to go to my old dentist again to get muscle relaxants so my jaw would close again. I had to cancel my braces at a lovely short-notice invoice of $200. I felt the nerve pain until February and until that time a well had lopsidedness in my face, and it took quite honestly until JUNE until I could open my mouth back to normal. That is 6 MONTHS of jaw damage because of this dentist not listening to me.

They got a long, not so nicely worded letter in January after the incident, and another one this week, because I'm starting my braces again now that my jaw is healed, but I still need the last filling done.

I've told the clinic I want it done 1. for free since it was supposed to be part of my visit from hell, 2. by another dentist. I also noted I want it in my file that I do not ever want anesthetic or that weird jaw claw thing, because apparently me saying I DO NOT WANT THIS is not enough.

(I'm going back to the clinic because the other dentists I had there in the past were lovely, and I have no problem going back as long as I do not ever see this woman again).

This was quite honestly the #1 worst bad_service experience I've ever had, ever.

TL;DR: Went to the dentists, had them give me local anesthetic without asking first, they hit a nerve and then caused 6 months of jaw issues by putting in a weird clamp to hold my mouth open when I have huge jaw problems that I warned them about, then didn't take it out when I asked because she "couldn't understand me" so instead she left me sitting in a chair for 15 minutes so she could giggle about other peoples problems.
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