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Pizza WTF :|

Reading forever, never felt a need to post until now.

Sunday night my friends and I got together for some movies and drinks, and around 1:30AM decided it was time to order a pizza.
We hop online and find out that LocalPlace is open and delivers, according to their website, until 4:00AM all 7 days of the week. So, we place an order for delivery using their online ordering form - all we ordered was one large cheese pizza. We had a little trouble when the order went through, as the first time it denied my address, saying the location we chose was out of my area (which is true - it sent us to the store 6 miles away (Store#2) instead of 3 miles (Store#1)). No problem, I edit the order, and we get our confirmation.

Around 2:15AM, we all notice that our pizza has yet to arrive - granted, it's only been around 35 minutes, but considering we only ordered one pizza, and the drive takes less than 5 minutes, it's annoying to not be eating yet. We decide to give them another 15 minutes before calling, since we know they're the only place open this late on a Sunday and figure that they could have gotten a random rush.

2:45 rolls around (we were watching the end of June and lost track of the time), still no pizza. I look up the phone number for Store#1  and someone calls. We are told that this store is closed for the night now (over an hour early!), and that our order was sent to Store#2. My friend didn't bother asking why the order was sent away or why the store was closed, and just got the number for the other store.

We then call Store#2, which is also closed (again, over an hour early), but luckily someone answers. The employee here informed us that our order was received around 1:40AM, but since the address was out of their delivery zone, the ticket was deleted and -here's the WTF- the website was supposed to correct the error. BUT the employee then says that the ordering form on the website is broken and that "everyone" knows never to use it! Apparently, we are not part of this group of everyone. We then confirm that - 1) there is no pizza coming, 2) our order was received and confirmed by the wrong store, and 3) the website offers an online ordering form that doesn't work, yet has no warning about this. The employee basically laughed and told us that it sucks, but we weren't getting any pizza from them tonight, and hangs up.

We hit up Waffle House instead.

I tried contacting a manager Monday afternoon, and got no where. I still find it amazing and ridiculous that the company knows that the ordering form doesn't work correctly, yet has failed to fix it or remove it from the website.

tl;dr- Pizza never arrives because the stores not only close early, but essentially ignores our order that was sent to the incorrect store because the broken online ordering form should have fixed it for them.
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