briana (duendette) wrote in bad_service,

TARGET's genius exchange policy

I got a KitchenAid kettle from my sister for xmas, which retails for $39.99.  When I opened it up, it had a little chip in the side, so I took it in to Target to exchange it for chip-free one.  Since I didn't have a receipt, they told me I would have an exchange credit in the lowest price they'd offered it in the last 90 days, which was $19.99, and which I thought was pretty standard practice.  However, as the lady is taking a lot of time to explain this to me, I tell her, "it's OK, I intend to exchange it for the exact same thing," but she persists in her explanation.

I go to the appropriate section, but they don't have any in stock so I head back to customer service to retrieve my kettle.  The next lady I talk to asks if I'd like them to check on their computers for other stores that have it.  I tell her before she does that, I have a question.  "The other lady told me I had a $20 credit, but this kettle costs $40, so if I'm exchanging it, I don't have to pay the difference, do I?"  She tells me, yes, that is the policy.  "So what you're saying is that I've come in here with one kettle, but to leave with an identical one I have to pay an additional $20?  I've already purchased the kettle, but now I have to pay more for the exact same thing?"  Again, she confirms this is the case.  I told her that was completely ludicrous, snatched the kettle back, and left.  Stupid, stupid Target (or employees, or both!).

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