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Gas Station WTF and question

I went to my local Barney's tonight to get gas so I wouldn't have to before work tomorrow. I pulled up to the pump, swiped my card, selected the lowest grade and started to pump.

I pumped about $1 worth when I noticed that the price I was being charged didn't match the price I selected. I stopped the pump and went inside to talk to the clerk. He didn't know why so he called his manager. Come to find out, this gas now charges one price for cash and another for card. They have never done this before and this is not common at all in my area (Northwest Ohio).

I looked at the sign again and sure enough, in tiny vertical letters to each price, there's the words 'with card' and 'with cash'.  That's all fine and dandy, but my problem is that the prices at the pump are the cash price, even after I swiped my card. I didn't know the price I was actually going to pay for gas until I started pumping.

For those of you in areas where they offer a cash discount, or two different prices, is it normal for the prices at the pump to not be accurate? I don't agree with the two different prices and I won't be going back to this gas station, but what really concerned me is that I selected Price A and was actually charged Price B.

EDIT: Okay so some gas stations have the prices change at the pump, and others don't. I still think some way of letting people know at the pump is a good idea. 
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