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It's my wings, and I need it NOW

EDIT: A lot of people have been saying that this is not really that much of a bad service, and I apologize for that. But what can you expect from a noob like me, amirite? I'll make sure my next post is much more...extreme.
And before you comment on how I pointed out their age...I'm 14 years old.

Yeah, I feel pity for most workers because while if a customer bitches at a worker, they have to keep smiling and be polite.
But sometimes it is vice versa a bit.

So, my mom and I decided to get pizza for lunch because it was a nice day and we were both in a good mood. So we went into a local small pizza shop in my small town to order some pizza. I asked my mom if we could get some breadsticks and buffalo wings, because the wings and the breadsticks they made were very good to me. So when we enter the shop, we see some teenager workers runnin around laughing and tossing their hats around. I personally thought it was a tad bit dangerous because there were hot ovens and stuff. But I shook it off because I thought that they may have been working hard or something. So we order our order and they say it will take about 15 minutes so my mom and I go to the next door store to look around to wait for our pizza.

So flash back to about 15 minutes and we go back to the pizza shop. It's 2:30 pm and my mom has to go to work at 3:00 pm and she still has to get ready, so she was bit in a hurry. The teens were still playing around when we got there. So:

Mom= My mom
W= Worker
Me= lovedove830

Mom: Hi, we're here to pick up our pizza.
W: Okay. Name?
Mom: [Name].
W: Okay, large pizza with breadsticks and wings?
Mom: Yes.
W: OK, please hold on one minute. (goes back into the kitchen or something and talks to the other workers.) (Comes back) Uh, ma'am? I'm afriad we forgot your breadsticks and buffalo wings.
Mom: What?
W: We could make them for you now.
Mom: How long will that take.
W: About 7 and a half minutes.
Mom: Oh, I have to go to work though! We'll just take the pizza. (walks off)
W: (holding the pizza box) Uh...
Me: I'll take it. (takes pizza box and follows my mom)
W: (standing there)

So, that's it. It might be a bit minor but I guess I might as well share it.

Tags: *pizzeria, everyone here looks like a fetus
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