Gamerboi (gaymerboi) wrote in bad_service,

Warm Ice

Dear Apartment Owner,
So the reason we can't make ice is because our freezer is too cold  Really? Its NORMAL to put ice cube trays with water in the freezer for 3 days and still have water but no ice??? 

Your solution is that we have the fridge/freezer on TOO COLD? We can't make ICE because our freezer is TOO COLD?!   WHAT???? >.< 

Yes, actually, I am having a hard time believing you. 

SOOOOOOO glad I only signed a temporary lease,


Dear Fridge Repairman,

So owner FINALLY believes us that the fridge isn't working and sent a repair guy.  You repaired the fridge while we were at work! YAY!

But, why did you put all our FRESH VEGGIES in the FREEZER?? 

Do you know what happens to FRESH FROZEN VEGGIES when you unthaw them? Inedible MUSH!  


Wish I'd gotten home in time to save the veggies, but they were frozen chunks of ice by the time I got home from work...


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