Lo (whomperjawed) wrote in bad_service,

Small Home Depot B_S

My friend and I were at Home Depot shopping for hanging plants for her new house. We were at the check out, everything was scanned, and then she was presented with the total. While my friend was digging out her wallet, the cashier left the check out lane to go to her friend's/co-workers to pay for a drink. There were a lot of people needing to check out and this girl just ups and leaves to go pay for a drink she could have done on her break or when it wasn't busy. It wasn't like my friend was stalling or taking her sweet time getting her wallet out. She had it out in a matter of seconds.

When the girl came back, I told her it was inappropriate to just leave when there were a lot of customers that needed to check out as well. She apologized, but still. Who does that?
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