Hyper Ferret (hyperferretsama) wrote in bad_service,
Hyper Ferret

Lowes: not the place to pick up chicks

So some months ago I was a visual merchandising intern. My boss had a list of supplies he needed, and he sent me over to Lowe's with it.

I wanted to try to get there, get the supplies and return as quickly as possible. I didn't know my way around, so I flagged an employee to help me find some of the stuff. I find someone who isn't busy and show him my list so he could tell me where some of it is. He takes it and starts to lead me to the screw aisle. Seems like totally standard operating procedure.

While we are walking, he looks at me and says, "You are very beautiful."

what the fuck.

Now he has my list, though, so I can't just walk away. I probably should have said something, but I just wanted to get my things and go. He keeps helping me, but tries to chat me up/hit on me the whole time ("I like your shoes"? lol). It was awkward as hell, and I just tried to make it clear that I was not interested and just wanted my shit.

In hindsight I probably should have spoken to a manager or something, but I needed to get back to work asap. And when I told my boss about it he was all, "was he at least hot??" and acting like it wasn't completely inappropriate so I kind of figured I was being oversensitive.

Hitting on your customers, on the job, when they are CLEARLY uninterested: it's trashy as hell.

EDIT: I wasn't expecting this sort of turnout, but it has been strangely entertaining in a way. I'll make sure to invest in some new big girl panties with the money I get after suing this guy for sexualassaultrapestalkingemotionaldamage. /obviouslykidding

in all seriousness, I know I should have said something, and if it happens ever again, I will, even if it's after the fact. I still think it's common sense not to do this with customers, but you know what they say about common sense.

EDIT 2: sf_d? tsk tsk
Tags: as featured on sf_d, can you guys fucking play nice for once?, don't call me honey, irritated mod, it's only bad service if you die, retail, stupid sexism, the crazy is in the comments
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