Redd (reddragonfire) wrote in bad_service,

FedEx and a small bank bad service

At our new place, it seems to be the norm for delivery people to ring the bell, leave the package on the doorstep and head back to their truck. So when the bell range around 9 this morning, I didn't think anything of it when I opened the door and there was a package and no delivery guy. I closed the door and went to give my husband his package. He said there should be a second part, so I turned to check again and just as I was reaching for the knob I hear, "Fuck you, why did you close the door?" Of course I called him on it and the driver was entirely unapologetic and just said that the package was heavy.

On the plus side, when I called FedEx to make a complaint about the drivers professionalism, the person I talked to was great.

As a bonus, I overdrew my account last week by $10. With the overdraft fee, I expected to be out by $47 total. Totally my fault, I did something stupid, I had no problem paying the price for it. So when I deposited $200 cash on Friday and was told that there were no further fees pending or expected, I figured I'd be good until I got paid and I just wouldn't touch my account until then. So imagine my surprise when I checked my balance on Saturday afternoon and saw not one but five additional overdraft fees assessed to my account.

After fuming about it for most of the weekend, I printed out my online statement and went in this morning to figure out what the hell happened. The tellers were as confused as I was, so after a while they passed me to a manager who then passed it to another manager and the two of them spent about a half hour looking over my account trying to figure out what had happened and then trying to explain to me why I deserved to be charged $182 for a single $10 overdraft. In the end, they reversed four of the overdraft fees, but not before telling me, "This wouldn't happen if you knew how to read your statement." Oh yes, obviously I'm an idiot if it took four different employees almost an hour and a half to figure it out themselves. Clearly the fault lies with me.
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