Alex (panthersoup) wrote in bad_service,

My family (my parents, my brother and I) ordered pizza tonight from a cheap restaurant chain. We had ordered from this location many times before. Sometimes they make mistakes, but they were always are happy to correct them.

So we call and order and they say our pizzas will arrive in about 30 minutes. They still haven't come after an hour. My father calls to ask why they're late, the person that answers says they're really busy tonight, and that our pizzas haven't been made yet after he tells him what he ordered. Right when he hangs up, the delivery guy shows up. Weird, but at least he has our pizzas... Two of which were right, one of which was wrong.

Dad says we didn't order this pizza and ask if there was a mix up. Delivery guy tells us to call because it's out of his hands. So we do, and ask them to make us the correct pizza. They say that's the pizza we ordered because that's what they put down. Rather than admit a mistake they made, we're repeatedly told that we absolutely said out loud that we wanted a topping all of us hate. He asks to talk to the manager, who offers him a refund. He explains that my mother can't eat the other two pizzas we ordered (the meat makes her very sick), and that we need the pizza we asked for. She grudgingly agrees to make the pizza if we'll pick it up. A few minutes later, my mother drives to the restaurant to get the pizza.

When she arrives, the manager is waiting for her with the pizza. She gives my mother her pizza and says, in a rude tone, "We are NOT doing this again. We are too busy tonight to make extra pizzas for customers who ordered incorrectly the first time. Next time you'll have to just deal with the refund."

Look lady, I understand you're busy and this is an inconvenience, but stop insisting that we ordered a topping we hate. You messed up the order, and my mother shouldn't not get her pizza just because you're busy. And if you're so awfully busy, why take that extra effort to chew out a customer?

tl;dr Our order is late and wrong, we're blamed for supposedly ordering a pizza we didn't want, manager yells at my mother for daring to want her correct pizza when they're busy.
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