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One 'resort' hotel, one..erm... six weddings. Horrible outcome.

This is a multiple-part suck, so reader, beware.

Alright. So here is the setting: Small town in Illinois, near the lake. My wedding is to be held there, because my dad fell in love with the wedding area. 90% of our guests were flying in for this wedding because I went to school out of state, and my husbands' family was from another state as well. This hotel only offers 20 bucks off a $160 room for rooms I reserve for wedding guests. Plus, if rooms I reserved aren't booked, I would still have to pay for them. Okay. Fine. I reserved 10 rooms here, and more at another cheaper hotel.

Now, originally my wedding was to be held in my backyard. I had already met with my cake lady to design my cake. It was 3 layers, each a different flavor. This was important to my husband and myself. One was carrotcake for him, double chocolate for me, and a vanilla with a fruit layer for our families.  When my dad changed the venue and booked the resort, we were told our cake must come from the baker they use exclusively. Well, we were in luck because the lady we already booked was one and the same!
Now, about a week before the wedding we get a call from the cake lady saying the hotel will only allow one flavor.?!? So my mother calls the hotel and they respond with 'why would we care what flavor your cake is?' Ok, Great. Fixed.

We also get the list for who reserved rooms at the resort, and we notice 2 mistakes right away. My first name is Jennifer, and so is one of my bridesmaids. Well, they gave the other Jen the balcony/honeymoon suite and not me. So again my mother calls up, and it gets fixed. Another, is that  our best man's name was spelt wrong. He is greek, and has a weird first name. He reserved under his shortened name 'chris unknownlastname.' It was a simple spelling error, and I told them the right way to spell it. 

Now, we're at the actual wedding day. Chris goes to check in and they say they do not have him in the system. They had a 'Chris unknownlastname' that was 1 letter different than his own. So he says 'that must be me.' They ask for his id, he shows it, and they say no it can't be because his first name is not Chris. He says, yes it iis. Chris is short for the greek name Chrisovlantis. (Sorry, I can't even spell it.)  So finally, he goes out to his car and finds the reservation number and all is fixed.

I go to check in, and I get to our room, and I notice there is no balcony. I didn't know what kind of room I was supposed to have, but I knew there was to be a balcony. So I go down and they say they have no record of me being in a 'special' room. Ugh. So we get a regular room finally, with a balcony. Well, the next day we find out they gave the honeymoon suite to my husbands mother. A large room with balcony and hot tub, and all the works. Mind you, she's single. She had a room 5 times as big as ours, by herself. This wouldn't have been that big of a deal, except we were to get ready in my room. I am plus sized, and had a poofy dress. I barely had enough room to get  ready by myself.

And then another guest goes to check in, and they have now completely lost her reservation, and told her she can not get the 20 dollar discount, and because it was peak season at the hotel, she must reserve a 2 night stay. So her $140 hotel bill became $320. But, I happen to have a copy of who reserved rooms from the hotel, and was able to fix that.

Now, this resort had 6 weddings that day! So I could understand it that their 'day' planner was confused, but she couldn't even direct my guests how to get outside to the wedding pavilion. Plus, they forgot to add our event to their 'events happening today' at the door, so some of my guests thought they were at the wrong place. Then we get lined up to go. And their day wedding planner, whom I JUST NOW met is telling who should go where and when to go. And it was wrong. We already had our rehearsal, they weren't walking in reverse order for a reason. Plus, she had them waiting so long, the music was over. I had a specific song we were all to walk down to. I had to walk at a specific time, and she fucked it up. Yes, I walked down the aisle to NO music. 

(Random side note- the hotel also screwed up the seating  for the reception so I had to do it by myself, 30 min before I was to be in my dress taking pictures, along with other adjustments. When I went to the room to do this, they had even spelled our name wrong on the event name. How do you spell the wedding couple's last name wrong for their wedding? When I confronted the head people they said it was too late to fix it.)

So, we get married. It was beautiful. Even though the seats were INCREDIBLY close to the alter. I was stepping on my dad 's feet the entire time, and my dress was in his lap.

So we get to the reception. We waited half an hour for food to start. And, I mean my husband and I. They didn't even give our guests their salads until after we had our main course set in front of us. Weird. We also had an open bar. Well, about this time we get our food, the bar tender comes to me and says he's already sold the limit. Ummm.. what? What limit? And I only had 75 people there, how could they have reached the limit on an open bar?  Well, in the end that was a misunderstanding, thankfully.

I also had placecards that let the servers know who ordered chicken or beef. When they got to the last two tables (who had all ordered chicken btw) were told they must have the beef,  and refused to give them any other dish.
Then, when it was time for cake, the place only cut the chocolate layer and passed it out. Plus, it was the TINIEST slivers of cake. My cake would have fed 200 guests. We only had 80 max. We had 3 flavors for a reason. Plus, Bobby and I didnt even get any. My mother asked for one choc. and one carrotcake to be cut for us. Never happened. I still have no clue what happened to 2/3rds of my cake.

Finally, when my mom got the bill, she was very angry to see the bartender included a gratuity to his bill. Yet, he had cups out on the bar for tips, which my friends were giving FREELY. I mean, his cups were constantly re-filled with tips. Yet I had to pay any extra 300 bucks. Gah.

And this was my rant on the terrible wedding service we got from the hotel. At least most of it was fixed, but it was still very annoying.

I can at least say I had fun, and the hotel did not in fact ruin my day. <3

Short story: Hotel screws up names and reservations, rooms, and cakes, and bar. On my wedding day.
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