i love cats, i love every kind of cat (girlomega) wrote in bad_service,
i love cats, i love every kind of cat

I think I just gave bad service...

I work at a porn store, so no minors allowed. We check ID at the counter, but the counter is a good thirty feet away from the door so occasionally people who aren't 18 will be able to slip in for a few seconds before I'm asking for their ID. It's also a huge concrete square building. There is a small window on the door, and windows at the back of the store that are boarded up. It's all artificial lighting, so when someone opens the door and comes through it, I can't see them very well because the light outside VS dim inside shadows them until they've stepped fully into the store. This is relevant, I swear.

The door opens up and I see two people walk in. One is very, VERY short. No bigger than my ten year old niece who doesn't even come up to my boobs and I'm only 5'5'. I'm very used to people trying to bring their kids in here with them, so I instantly call out "You can't have your kid in here with you, I'm sorry!" because hey, knee-jerk reaction because people try to bring their kids in here ALL THE TIME.

Bad idea, apparently. It was just a very short nineteen year old girl with her mother. Fuck.

I feel really shitty now, but I could have explained all of that to her had she stayed in the store instead of spitting on my pipes display and storming out.
Tags: everyone here looks like a fetus
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