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Let me just talk shit about you in a different language.

If you are not already aware of this fact, Montreal is home to both the French and English language. I'm not strong in speaking French but can understand it quite well, something that has not worked to my advantage.

I waltzed into the Jean-Coutu in the mall I worked near on my hour lunch. Before even going near the Instant Photo Machine I verified the time frame because I was already 20 minutes into my hour lunch. "Instant," I was told, "they print immediately out of the machine. No more than 10 minutes!" I paid, took the receipt and was told to come back within 5-10 minutes. Instead, I walked around the mall for about 20 minutes before going back. I'm told that only 10 of my 36 pictures have printed, I ask how long it'll take, they reassure me once more that it'll only take another 5 minutes. I agree, walk around the store and come back five minutes later.

I come to find out from the French conversation that the rest of my order was ~deleted and they had to process the other order before they could print mine and I would have to redo the pictures that weren't printed. I explain that I have to return to work and I'd just like to refunded for the pictures that were not printed (I paid 39cents a print for instant, the photolab had 10cents a print but 2 day time frame). The manager reassures me I can just come back, but I probably won't have time to come back until next week so I paid quadruple the price for no reason. I insist on the refund, politely of course.

The manager is somehow unreasonably upset that I want a refund and proceeds to talk about me with her coworkers as my refund is being processed.

Employee: What's wrong with her?
Manager: She just wants to be difficult.

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