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A letter to Inkley's

To whom it may concern,
This letter is regarding the Inkleys in the [Mall] center, zip code *****. I have always been very pleased with the quality of Inkey's photo developing and prints, so writing this letter comes as a big surprise to me. When I dropped of some negatives to be reprinted (in odd quantities), I picked them up the next day and they were extremely yellow. The associate who was helping me (Dave) was very polite and said they would redo them according to the originals I brought in. He told me that they 'thought the pictures looked cold' so they were attempting to warm them by turning them yellow.
The next afternoon, I went in to pick up my pictures only to find they had not started them yet. Dave quickly got (I believe the same person who made them yellow) to go work on them right away. I do not know this person's name, but he said "I thought you were taking them with a color filter", mentioning nothing about "warming them".
So I return the next day only to find that, instead of messing with the color, they have messed with the contrast. The pictures are much, much lighter and washed out. Also, many of the quantities are wrong. I have 1 picture where I ordered three and six pictures where I ordered one. I am now in a quandry. Do I want to take them back and have them redone again, giving these men possession of my negatives? Or do I front the extra cost to have them redone elsewhere? As you may understand, I will never shop at this Inkley's again. I will be wary of shopping at any Inkley's after they have wasted five days trying to reprint photos where I gave them the originals. It is not as if they had no idea what I wanted and I am being picky or unreasonable. I had thought it would be easy, since the prints were developed at Inkley's in the first place.

I am surrounded by incompetence.

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