Borg Queen (lady_borg) wrote in bad_service,
Borg Queen

Service WTF

My partner and I are living in an awesome city apartment, but it used to be rented out by heroin, weed abuser, lady of the night who also owed about 8k in rent.

We sorted out our bills, power and gas...etc etc and all was good untill we recived a disconnection order by the state power company. We did not take much note about it because of the fact we still have power and it was address to the tenant. It was also from the company the tenant was using but were not using.
We get a bill from one company but its addressed to the old tenant.
We ring up to find out what going on and we find out that the new company never put us onto their system. We have new order now and its all fixed but thanks to the idiocy of the last tenant and the laziness of both companies we have for the last six months been getting free electricity and neither companies can do anything because its either thier fault or the old tenants.
Tags: *utilities, it's only bad service if you die, landlord shenanigans, see what happens when you speak up
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