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This was more annoying than bad since I'm sure she was just following procedure.

Back before everyone had cell phones I was at college and I needed to use a payphone. I only had a twenty so I went into the caf next to the phones. This was a big place with a row of vending machines and a small caf style self serve with a register at the end. The change machines by the vending machines will only change ones and fives so I head to the old woman manning the cash register.

ME: Me
OW: Old woman behind register.

Me: Hi! Can I get change for a twenty?
OW: No. We don't make change.
Me: Ohh-Kayy...I don't really need coins. If I could get some fives or ones I can use the change machines by the vending machines (figuring this is the root of the no change rule...there being change machines and all).
OW: No. We don't make change.
Me: (Seeing a point of sale display jar with ten cent gumballs). Ok. Give me a gumball please.
OW: (Rings up sale.)
Me: (Walking away.)
OW: You forgot your gumball!
Me: That's OK. You keep it!
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